Mosaic Workshop


Meditative, fun and addictive! All words used to describe the incredible craft of mosaicing.
Create and play with colourful glass elements and textures in this fun workshop.
Simply come ready to relax, get creative, and enjoy the satisfaction of working with mosaics.
I’ll be there to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you have a fun and fulfilling experience.
And you will achieve impressive results.
Cost for the lesson is R200 and this includes the use of our tile cutters. Payment of this secures your booking.
Choose & purchase the item you wish to mosaic, as well as the mosaics at the workshop.
Enjoy a hot cappuccino/ tea and our Famous Chocolate Brownies included in this workshop!
Are you ready to design your own mosaic project?

Non-Competition Clause:

I agree that by purchasing and attending any craft workshop with Ceramic Craft Studio, I shall, in addition to the terms and conditions on their website, be legally bound by the following non-competition undertakings:-

  • I shall not teach the skills which I learn in a workshop to any third party for commercial gain.
  • I shall not, whether directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, engage in any capacity in any form of business in competition with Ceramic Craft Studio’s products and services, whether for my benefit or the benefit of any other person/entity.
  • I warrant that I do not conduct business in any products or services of Ceramic Craft Studio or as a teacher of Ceramic Craft Studio’s skills. Should it come to the attention of Ceramic Craft Studio that I do, I shall not be permitted to participate further in any other workshops, or to claim any refund.
  • Ceramic Craft Studio reserves its rights to take appropriate legal action against me to protect its business, should I breach any of the above undertakings, and to hold me liable for the legal cost thereof.

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