All items on our online store under the “Ceramic” category are earthenware bisk/bisque unless otherwise stated.


Pottery that has undergone the first firing before being glazed.
Once glaze fired it becomes functional.
Cost to glaze is extra and is the same amount as the bisk/bisque item.
IE: Item cost in bisk R10.00, cost to glaze same item R10.00 total for complete glazed item is R20.00.

To add colour Underglaze Paint must be used before glaze firing
(Available under the “Kits, Paints, Brushes” Category)
Once glazed the item will be safe for: human consumption, dish washer, microwave & oven.

For decorative ceramics paint with water based Acrylic Paint and for best results seal with our water based Amazing Glaze
(Available under the “Kits, Paints, Brushes” Category)

NB: In the event of “Out of Stock” Ceramic Blanks, please allow a waiting period of a minimum of 14 days’ for manufacturing.
This is due to the nature of clay and it’s weather permitting properties.
ETA for “Out of Stock” orders to be confirmed.

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