Nativity Scene #2


All items on our online store under “Ceramic” category are bisk/bisque unless otherwise stated.


Pottery that has undergone the first firing before being glazed.
Once glaze fired it becomes functional.
Cost to glaze = same price as bisk/bisque item.

To add colour Underglaze Paint must be used before glaze firing
Once glazed the item will be safe for: human consumption, dish washer, microwave & oven.

For decorative ceramics paint with water based Acrylic Paint and for best results seal with our water based Amazing Glaze

NB: In the event of “Out of Stock” Ceramic Blanks, please allow a waiting period of a minimum of 14 days’ for manufacturing.
This is due to the nature of clay and it’s weather permitting properties.
ETA for “Out of Stock” orders to be confirmed.



Stable – A – Height 152mm,  310mm Length
Jesus – B – Height 30mm,  45mm Width
Angel – C – Height 95mm,  65mm Width
Mary – D – Height 87mm,  45mm Width
Joseph – E –  Height 120mm,  40mm Width
King1 – F – Height 100mm,  52 Width
King2 – G – Height120mm,  50mm Width
King3 – H – Height 125mm,  50mm Width
Shepard1 – I – Height 115mm,  50mm Width
Shepard2 – J – Height 90mm,  55mm Width
Shepard3 – K – Height 90mm,   40mm Width
Sheep – L – Height 40mm,  60mm Width
Camel looking left – M – Height 35mm,   60mm Width
Camel looking right – N – Height 35mm,  60mm Width

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